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Chocolate Sea Salt
Alisha Kumar
AMAZING for chocolate cravings

This bar is the best. I have a huge sweet tooth and I pair this bar with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It tastes just like a chocolate lava cake.

Peanut Butter Cup
Diana Forman

I'm addicted to these bars. I eat one every morning for breakfast!

Peanut Butter Cup
Ragenea Ashley
Awesome And Delicious

I really like the peanut butter cup, so delicious and good for you, would definitely recommend!


Definitely get more focus using every product. Energy feels better than caffeine as well. Healthy alternative. We’ll be using regularly. Love the taste of it too!

Thanks for listening!

Thank you for having the variety box option. I like all the flavors and have setup a monthly subscription. However I like to send the variety box to friends so they can give this great product a try. It's always a hit!

Yummy good

Tried the variety pack after getting the Peanut Butter box a couple of times. Peanut Butter is still our favorite but we also enjoyed the Chocolate Sea Salt. Blueberry is least favorite. I’m about to get the monthly subscription because they’re a good snack to have on standby.

Peanut Butter Cup
Johnna ruggier
Perfect Mid-Day Pick Me Up!

I absolutely love these bars! I bought the peanut butter ones & they are very soft & delicious. (Found them through Amazon). They don’t have a overwhelming peanuty flavor, & they’re on the sweet side. If you have a sweet tooth you’d love these. Also amazing that they’re 10g protein & filled with brain fuel! Definitely would buy again, i just wish the price was lower!

Coffee Combo Bundle
great bundle

These are my two favorite products from mindright so i was happy to purchase them in a bundle. The brain boost has a big impact and the bars are perfect for a healthy, on-the-go snack.

Peanut Butter Cup
Diana Forman

I love these bars so much. The peanut butter cup are the best. They actually taste like Reese's. 10/10 recommend.


As a full time college student whose writing two essays a week....Mind right is awesome!
Gave me the extra boost needed to read Plato and write 4 pages in eight hours without fatigue, jitters or brain fog.

Peanut Butter Cup
Kent Labadie
Delicious and good for you WIN WIN

Not chalky and very tasty.

Coffee Combo Bundle
Jessica Townes
Loving this bundle!!!

I love the flavor & feel of the mind right coffee boost , and the peanut bars are delicious & good for ya!!

Excellent taste and refreshing

I mix this in with a chilled water bottle and probably take 30 mins to an hour to drink it all. It tastes great and I feel focused and in tune to what is going on with my work. Highly recommend it. Try it at least. Awesome product. Thank you

An Amazing Fulfilling & Tasteful Snack

The Mindright bars are perfect in the mornings or afternoons for me. All the bars have a great taste to them so good you can eat them all immediately and so good you want to slowly savor the bar. I feel good mentally and focused after eating them. Highly recommend trying them. I personally like all the flavors and personally think you can’t go wrong if your truly seasoned in eating a variety of foods. Of course if you have a favorite go for it. You will be impressed. Each day is different so I like a choice on flavor. 😉

On point

First the flavor was delicious and yes I was more focused at work and through out the day . Thank you

Blueberry Almond
Kate Stone
Real blueberry taste

Love these bars - usually not a fan of blueberry flavored things, but this is blueberry structured, from start to finish like a real berry. The gentlest boost for energy and mental clarity to boot. 10/10.

Excellent AND VEGAN!!!

My goal was to find something I can use in the place of my daily Adderall. It’s really hard to find legit supplements that do what I need them to do without it being a complete gimmick. I trust Rob Dyrdek though and I thought well, I don’t have to buy it again if it doesn’t work and the prices are extremely reasonable. I have been using these for a few days now. I just add one packet into my coffee after I have flavored it with creamer and the chocolate flavor is very good and compliments the coffee so well! I did not need to take my Adderall at all on the days I used one of these packets. Also- they are VEGAN!!! This is exactly what I needed and I am so glad I found something to use on the days where I don’t want to rely on my Addy’s to get me through work. A+++ highly recommend.

Game changer!

Coffee, kratom and Red Bull daily…not anymore. I got a free sample and loved it! It actually worked. I had a nice energy boost that lasted. No shakes or headaches. It was smooth and very much needed. Just placed my 2nd order and I am looking forward to productivity! Tastes pretty good too.

Instantly felt smarter

I honestly was sent the free sample from watching Rob dyrdek’s Tik Tok.Once I received the sample I put it in my morning coffee.The taste was actually really good but the affects were even better.Completely eliminated brain fog or any slow thinking.It’s like I was instantly able to express myself with no uncertainty.The sample also came with a 20$ gift card that I used on my next purchase.I highly recommend this product!Thanks MindRight

A serious brain boost!

I recently tried the brain boost coffee enhancer and I'm in love! I was honestly shocked at how good I felt. I've been giving packets to everyone I know to try it.
Seriously good stuff.

Mindright Black Dad Hat
Mary G.
Great dad cap!

I like the fit, the colors. I wear it on walks and at work. Promoting Mindright!

Women's Yellow Striped Tee
Mary G.
Get your Mindright!

Love this t-shirt! True to size. Comfy.

Top Selling Bars Bundle
Michelle Oliver
Love love love mindright!!!

I am a fan!! The bars are great!!! Blueberry is my favorite..but all 4 are delicious. Great for on the go pick me up!!! Ordered coffee enhancer packs and brain boost energy mix packs. They are great too!!! Taste great and mix well. The energy mix tastes great with water or added into smoothies. I am a fan!!!
Thank you for getting it right!!!

Brain Boost Energy Mix
Colten Schmoll
Had me shaking like crazy

Huge fan of Rob Dyrdek, any time that he releases a new product I am the first one in line to pre-order it. This one did not sit over well with my body. I was shaking like crazy and couldn’t stop for two hours. For something with no caffeine it really screwed with me.

Top Selling Bars Bundle
Gerrit Certa

Always happy to find a healthy alternative!