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Can't recommend enough!

I've been using the brain boost enhancer every morning for the past few months, and I've truly felt more focused and on track throughout my workday. I don't get foggy as I used to after the coffee wears off, and the cinnamon chocolate flavor tastes great. 10/10

Really good

Coconut and blueberry are my favorite of the four flavors. These bars are great, not too sweet and filling. Healthy, love it.


I like these bars. They aren't overly sweet or too much like a candy bar. The superfoods ingredients are not overwhelming, and the peanut butter cup flavors are nicely balanced. Love them.

Peanut Butter Cup
Jeanne Marie Knight

love it everyday !!

Such a great snack!

I loved mindright popped chips! My fave is the turmeric ranch! And knowing it’s packed with all sorts of good things, I can snack guilty free. I ordered more!

The best bars

The blueberry is my favorite but do also like the coconut. Mind right bars are incredibly delicious. The ordering and shipping is great.

These popped chips are yummy!

These popped chips are different and delicious! Each unique flavor has it's own appeal. I think the Turmeric Ranch is my fav, but my husband likes the Chili Lime best. We both like the Cinnamon Churro as a sinful snack.

Love These & Perfect for Quick Snack

I have a monthly subscription to this flavor since it’s such an easy bar to grab to satisfy your hunger. It’s also the only good flavor tbh. I actually look forward to these and not sure if it’s placebo but I feel energized. This is my go to bar when I take my accounting exams and have a 15minute break.

Didn't believe it.....until I tried it!

I read about nootropics but assumed it was all hype with little impact. I did my research and took a chance with Mindright's Coffee Enhancer - knowing that adding this to my coffee as part of my daily routine was simple. It works! 100%, it works! I am writing this review at 5:31pm and I am still very much sharp, focused, and approaching personal tasks around my house and balancing work-related requests with positivity and clarity. Thank you Mindright - you have a loyal customer!

Variety Pack of Bars
Ragenea Ashley
Variety Pack

This is a nice way to try all the flavours if your not quite sure.

Variety Pack of Bars
Phil Schaefer
Gourmet*... That's all I can say.

I get the variety box from time to time, and really can say which bar is my favorite as
they're all delicious. Keep offering this option, and I'll keep ordering them. A real gourmet treat.

The best

The variety pack continues to be my go-to for breakfast or snacks. The flavors, textures, and ingredients are the best on the market.

Soooo goood

I’m usually not a bar person but, these are really good. They’re the perfect size and allow me to indulge in something sweet without feeling guilty after. They remind me of a healthier better tasting Larabar!

Better than what I expected.... Pleasantly surprised.... The only thing I did not like was the stevia.... Some products can hide it. Mask it.... I get it. It it's a healthier choice or option but it's the aftertaste.... I like the concept of your products...

Brain Boost Bundle
Phil Schaefer

I remember the quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke where the warden tells the prisoners to "Get Your Mind Right" ... Got to love it, as that what the mindright* product do for me. He also said that "What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate." ... See it if you can, and take mindright* when possible as well. It's important.

Chocolate Sea Salt
Alisha Kumar
AMAZING for chocolate cravings

This bar is the best. I have a huge sweet tooth and I pair this bar with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It tastes just like a chocolate lava cake.

Peanut Butter Cup
Diana Forman

I'm addicted to these bars. I eat one every morning for breakfast!

Peanut Butter Cup
Ragenea Ashley
Awesome And Delicious

I really like the peanut butter cup, so delicious and good for you, would definitely recommend!


Definitely get more focus using every product. Energy feels better than caffeine as well. Healthy alternative. We’ll be using regularly. Love the taste of it too!

Thanks for listening!

Thank you for having the variety box option. I like all the flavors and have setup a monthly subscription. However I like to send the variety box to friends so they can give this great product a try. It's always a hit!

Yummy good

Tried the variety pack after getting the Peanut Butter box a couple of times. Peanut Butter is still our favorite but we also enjoyed the Chocolate Sea Salt. Blueberry is least favorite. I’m about to get the monthly subscription because they’re a good snack to have on standby.

Peanut Butter Cup
Johnna ruggier
Perfect Mid-Day Pick Me Up!

I absolutely love these bars! I bought the peanut butter ones & they are very soft & delicious. (Found them through Amazon). They don’t have a overwhelming peanuty flavor, & they’re on the sweet side. If you have a sweet tooth you’d love these. Also amazing that they’re 10g protein & filled with brain fuel! Definitely would buy again, i just wish the price was lower!

Coffee Combo Bundle
great bundle

These are my two favorite products from mindright so i was happy to purchase them in a bundle. The brain boost has a big impact and the bars are perfect for a healthy, on-the-go snack.

Peanut Butter Cup
Diana Forman

I love these bars so much. The peanut butter cup are the best. They actually taste like Reese's. 10/10 recommend.

Coffee Enhancer Starter Pack

As a full time college student whose writing two essays a week....Mind right is awesome!
Gave me the extra boost needed to read Plato and write 4 pages in eight hours without fatigue, jitters or brain fog.