Brain Boost Energy Mix
Brain Boost Energy Mix
Brain Boost Energy Mix

Brain Boost Energy Mix

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Sip your way to the best version of yourself with a new level of energy with our Blueberry Hibiscus, Energy Mix.

Featuring Whole Coffee Fruit extract, our new favorite superfood for your brain. It is known to increase mental clarity and focus while easing anxiety and stress. This paired with Cordyceps, B3/B6/B12, and Green Tea Caffeine provide you with a crazy amount of feel-good energy. L-Theanine works to keep the jitters away so you can put all your new energy to good use. This blend is full of antioxidants that fight inflammation. Sweetened with a pinch of Coconut Sugar and Monk Fruit.

Box of 10 Stick Packs

2g Sugar | Vegan | Gluten-Free | non-GMO | 100MG Caffeine

Boosts Mood, Energy, and Focus with our latest blend of Nootropic (Brian-Boosting) Superfoods.

+ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract - Packed with antioxidants and brain-enhancing compounds known to increase mental clarity and focus while reducing stress and anxiety.*

+ Cordyceps - Known to increase energy, stamina, and immune support.*

+ Lions Mane - Improves focus, boosts memory and supports brain aging.*

+ L-Theanine - Provide a calm state of focus and keeps the jitters away.*

+ B3/B6 - Improves blood flow, helps convert fat, protein, and carbs into energy *

+ B12 - Supports heathy serotonin production.

+ Green Tea Caffeine - Improves brain function and energy with a long sustained level of energy.

Add 8-10oz of hot or cold water in the morning before you work out, or as a 2pm pick me up.

Ingredients: Whole Coffee Fruit Extract, Cordyceps, Lionsmane, L-Theanine, B3/B6/B12, Green Tea Caffeine, Spirulina, Coconut Palm Sugar, Monk Fruit, Stevia.

Allergens: Manufactured in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat and Milk.

Customer Reviews

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cyndi clinton

Brain Boost Energy Mix

Sienna Bernard

I loved this energy mix for so many reasons. It adds easily to 10-12 oz of water and its the perfect amount of sweetness.
I had energy for hours, I felt great and there was no crash. I will definitely be buying more! Highly recommend.

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