4 Ways to Check-in & Not Check-in on a Loved One’s Mental Health

4 Ways to Check-in & Not Check-in on a Loved One’s Mental Health

If you’ve been finding it hard to manage your own and your loved one’s mental health at the same time, fear not - we’ve got 4 quick DO’s and DON’Ts to help you during tough times.

1. DO check-in consistently even if they seem well!

Most people struggling with mental health do so silently. The best thing you can do is not assume - ask someone how they’re doing every few weeks, whether it’s a quick text or while you are spending time together. It may make all the difference and at the very least, they’ll know there is an open door to talking about how they are feeling when the time is right.

2. DO ask them how they like to talk about their mental health.

Ask your loved ones how they like to be checked-in… maybe they appreciate direct conversations or maybe they’d prefer for it to be in over text. Whatever it is, knowing their preference ensures that you’re actually helping and not causing them more stress in any way. 

3. DON’T be solution-oriented.

One of the hardest things about listening to someone else talk about their stressors is that we often have an impulse to solve them. But remember that your loved one doesn’t always want your advice, sometimes they want to be heard and empathized with.

4. DON’T be their therapist.

As much as you want to support and empower your loved ones, chances are you are not a licensed professional. If you find yourself crossing the boundary of supportive friend to ad-hoc therapist, encourage your loved one to seek professional help. This is good for them because they’ll receive the resources they need. And it’s good for you because your mental health is important too!

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