Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer

Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer

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Your new mindset fuel!

Meet our nootropic-infused superfood coffee enhancer. Boost your morning Cup 'O Joe with a nice Cinna-mocha richness while providing your brain with a major kick of antioxidant-rich, brain-boosting ingredients that are formulated to naturally improve your mood, energy, and focus.

Easily add to a hot cup of coffee, smoothie, or enjoy in your favorite milk latte.

Box of 10 Sachets

2Sugar | Vegan | Gluten-Free | non-GMO | Caffeine Free

All natural brain-boosting nootropics and antioxidants known to protects your brain from stress and anxiety, Improve focus and Clarity, and energize you at the cellular level.

+ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract - The extra super superfood! Packed with antioxidants and brain-enhancing compounds known to increase mental clarity and focus while reducing stress and anxiety.*

+ Cordyceps - Known to increase energy, stamina, and immune support.*

+ Lions Mane - Improves focus, boosts memory and supports brain aging.*

+ L-Theanine - Provide a calm state of focus and keeps the jitters away.*

+Cacao & Cinnamon - Improves blood flow to the brain, and work as a natural anti-inflammatory.*

Add to your coffee, smoothie, or favorite milk latte.

IngredientsCacao, Cinnamon, Coffee Fruit Extract, Cordyceps, Lions mane, L-Theanine, Coconut Sugar, Monk Fruit, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Allergens: Manufactured in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat and Milk.

Customer Reviews

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Can't recommend enough!

I've been using the brain boost enhancer every morning for the past few months, and I've truly felt more focused and on track throughout my workday. I don't get foggy as I used to after the coffee wears off, and the cinnamon chocolate flavor tastes great. 10/10

Bill S
Didn't believe it.....until I tried it!

I read about nootropics but assumed it was all hype with little impact. I did my research and took a chance with Mindright's Coffee Enhancer - knowing that adding this to my coffee as part of my daily routine was simple. It works! 100%, it works! I am writing this review at 5:31pm and I am still very much sharp, focused, and approaching personal tasks around my house and balancing work-related requests with positivity and clarity. Thank you Mindright - you have a loyal customer!

Kelly McRoberts
Excellent AND VEGAN!!!

My goal was to find something I can use in the place of my daily Adderall. It’s really hard to find legit supplements that do what I need them to do without it being a complete gimmick. I trust Rob Dyrdek though and I thought well, I don’t have to buy it again if it doesn’t work and the prices are extremely reasonable. I have been using these for a few days now. I just add one packet into my coffee after I have flavored it with creamer and the chocolate flavor is very good and compliments the coffee so well! I did not need to take my Adderall at all on the days I used one of these packets. Also- they are VEGAN!!! This is exactly what I needed and I am so glad I found something to use on the days where I don’t want to rely on my Addy’s to get me through work. A+++ highly recommend.

Jonelle Cooper
Game changer!

Coffee, kratom and Red Bull daily…not anymore. I got a free sample and loved it! It actually worked. I had a nice energy boost that lasted. No shakes or headaches. It was smooth and very much needed. Just placed my 2nd order and I am looking forward to productivity! Tastes pretty good too.

Aaron Anderson
Instantly felt smarter

I honestly was sent the free sample from watching Rob dyrdek’s Tik Tok.Once I received the sample I put it in my morning coffee.The taste was actually really good but the affects were even better.Completely eliminated brain fog or any slow thinking.It’s like I was instantly able to express myself with no uncertainty.The sample also came with a 20$ gift card that I used on my next purchase.I highly recommend this product!Thanks MindRight

The world's first nootropic-infused popped chip

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your other salty chips? Don’t…just trust us. Mindright is the first of its kind product to infuse nootropics and superfoods into tasty snacks. We take out the bad, and infuse the good.