Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer
Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer

Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer

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Your new mindset fuel!

Meet our nootropic-infused superfood coffee enhancer. Boost your morning Cup 'O Joe with a nice Cinna-mocha richness while providing your brain with a major kick of antioxidant-rich, brain-boosting ingredients that are formulated to naturally improve your mood, energy, and focus.

Easily add to a hot cup of coffee, smoothie, or enjoy in your favorite milk latte.

Box of 10 Sachets

2Sugar | Vegan | Gluten-Free | non-GMO | Caffeine Free

All natural brain-boosting nootropics and antioxidants known to protects your brain from stress and anxiety, Improve focus and Clarity, and energize you at the cellular level.

+ Whole Coffee Fruit Extract - The extra super superfood! Packed with antioxidants and brain-enhancing compounds known to increase mental clarity and focus while reducing stress and anxiety.*

+ Cordyceps - Known to increase energy, stamina, and immune support.*

+ Lions Mane - Improves focus, boosts memory and supports brain aging.*

+ L-Theanine - Provide a calm state of focus and keeps the jitters away.*

+Cacao & Cinnamon - Improves blood flow to the brain, and work as a natural anti-inflammatory.*

Add to your coffee, smoothie, or favorite milk latte.

IngredientsCacao, Cinnamon, Coffee Fruit Extract, Cordyceps, Lions mane, L-Theanine, Coconut Sugar, Monk Fruit, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Allergens: Manufactured in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat and Milk.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly McRoberts
Excellent AND VEGAN!!!

My goal was to find something I can use in the place of my daily Adderall. It’s really hard to find legit supplements that do what I need them to do without it being a complete gimmick. I trust Rob Dyrdek though and I thought well, I don’t have to buy it again if it doesn’t work and the prices are extremely reasonable. I have been using these for a few days now. I just add one packet into my coffee after I have flavored it with creamer and the chocolate flavor is very good and compliments the coffee so well! I did not need to take my Adderall at all on the days I used one of these packets. Also- they are VEGAN!!! This is exactly what I needed and I am so glad I found something to use on the days where I don’t want to rely on my Addy’s to get me through work. A+++ highly recommend.

Jonelle Cooper
Game changer!

Coffee, kratom and Red Bull daily…not anymore. I got a free sample and loved it! It actually worked. I had a nice energy boost that lasted. No shakes or headaches. It was smooth and very much needed. Just placed my 2nd order and I am looking forward to productivity! Tastes pretty good too.

Aaron Anderson
Instantly felt smarter

I honestly was sent the free sample from watching Rob dyrdek’s Tik Tok.Once I received the sample I put it in my morning coffee.The taste was actually really good but the affects were even better.Completely eliminated brain fog or any slow thinking.It’s like I was instantly able to express myself with no uncertainty.The sample also came with a 20$ gift card that I used on my next purchase.I highly recommend this product!Thanks MindRight

A serious brain boost!

I recently tried the brain boost coffee enhancer and I'm in love! I was honestly shocked at how good I felt. I've been giving packets to everyone I know to try it.
Seriously good stuff.

Daily Boost

Loved how easy this was to add into my coffee. I felt great all day with more focus and after taking it for a week I really felt the positive effects on the brain fog I had been feeling. Plus it tastes great in my coffee. I am sold.

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