To Unlock The Power A Healthy Mind

As a life-long entrepreneur and dad of 4 active kids, Chris Bernard, a.k.a "Bernie" made a commitment to strengthening his mental state in order to positively balance his work and family life. Through diet, exercise, and the discovery of brain-boosting ingredients called nootropics the mission to get his “mindright” became more clear. He began working with a food scientist to synergistically blend these ingredients into his favorite snacks and daily routines.

Bernie brought the concept to like-minded entrepreneur and legendary TV personality Rob Dyrdek who loved the concept. The two set out to build a team of celebrity investors and advocates like the Jonas Brothers, Travis Barker, Lewis Howes, and many others to join the “Mindright” Healthy Minds Club.

We are now on a mission to build a platform of delicious products that provide Nutrition for a Healthy Mind via the power of Nootropic-Infused Superfoods.

Our founders Rob & Bernie

We are on a mission to fuel your mindset and brain health with the power of nootropic-infused superfoods formulated to boost focus, mood & energy.