To create healthy & enhanced brain health from functional superfoods

Chris “Bernie” Bernard always believed in the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction.  As life got busier and more complex, Bernie began to search for a positive way to naturally fuel a healthy mind-state.

Juggling work, life and kids, Bernie wanted to find natural ingredients that were as energized and positive as he was. Rather than turning to quick fixes and crash-inducing supplements, he discovered a natural alternative, proven superfoods called “nootropics,” known to support mood, brain health, and mental performance.

He believed that what we eat doesn’t just affect our physical health, it could also affect our focus, mental stamina, and energy. Working with expert food scientists and formulators, he began to blend these nootropic superfood ingredients into his favorite snacks. 

Following a positive encounter with like-minded entrepreneur and life-strategist, Rob Dyrdek, the pair decided to form Mindright to fuel healthy minds to reach their full potential.  They created a team of like-minded celebrity investors and advocates, such as the Jonas Brothers, Marcus Lemonis, Travis Barker, and many others.

We believe once you get “mind-right” everything else follows.

Our founders Rob & Bernie

We are on a mission to fuel your mindset and brain health with the power of nootropic-infused superfoods formulated to boost focus, mood & energy.