5 Easy Habits for Small Wins That Make A Big Impact

5 Easy Habits for Small Wins That Make A Big Impact

Who else can relate to this…you find yourself waking up in the morning, getting ready the same way you always do, eating the same thing for breakfast, taking the same route for work or practice or school and you feel exhausted before you even get there. 

You feel like the day got the better of you before it even started. 

This is what we call, classic hustler burnout. 

The most frustrating part of hustler burnout is you so desperately want to do more. You want to achieve a fulfilling day, cross off every item on your to-do list, be your best self in every meeting (or highest performance on the field), and still have enough energy to prioritize what the ultimate win is: your loved ones. 

What if we told you we had 5 easy habits you could employ in your life as soon as tomorrow that could help you turn your hustler burnout to Happy Hulster culture. Let’s get into it.

5 Easy Habits For Small Wins 

#1: Make Your Bed with intention 

Now before you scroll past this one claiming to “know it all” on the importance of making your bed, we have a twist on this - make your bed with intentional mindfulness. The practice of making your bed and being hyper aware of the senses employed to feel the blanket you are laying over the bed, or see the pillows you are placing, allows your mind time to be present, active, and engaged. Do it with intention.

Take it to the next level: Try to involve your 5-senses in making your bed. You may need to eat a Mindright Bar while making your bed to achieve this, but we think you are up for the challenge. 

#2: Switch it up, try it with the other hand.

No, we don’t mean what you think we mean. Studies have shown, switching you “regular” day-to-day tasks, such as brushing your teeth with the other hand, helps stimulate your brain to process information in a new way. You are reconnecting the cells in your brain to be active at a time when your brain is in automatic drive mode. Switching up your day-to-day patterns encourages your mind to stay alert, boost your energy, and help you focus for longer. 

Take it to the next level: Take a different route home, break the “norm” in your day

#3: Get in some exercise 

First thing in the morning, get your body moving. Whether that’s laps around your neighborhood, a mini-workout in your garage, or a yoga flow outdoors, push yourself to knock out 10-minutes of daily activity in the morning. This will help alert your brain, increase your serotonin, and give you natural clarity to attack the day much stronger

Take it to the next level: Push yourself to start with a 3-minute stretch, 5- minute flow, 10-minute workout, to 30-minute workout. Go by increments. 

#4: Drink With Mindright Brain Boost Energy Mix 

Our Mindright Brainboost Energy Mix contain nootropics and antioxidants that protects your brain from stress and anxiety at the cellular level. Not only does this help you increase energy, promote focus, and decrease anxiety caused by coffee, our Brain Boost Energy Mix also help promote mental clarity. Another step to reducing brain fog and winning the day.

Take it to the next level: Try the 30-day bundle 

#5: Gratitude and Wins

Challenge yourself to document 3-4 gratitudes before you start your day, maybe in the car, in front of your mirror at home, or in a journal at work. Gratitudes can include your family, the weather, your functioning body, your healthy mind, new opportunities, upcoming changes, or anything in between. 

Take it to the next level: Push yourself to be grateful for the “small things”. Find the extraordinary in your ordinary surroundings.