Do You Know These Signs Of Burnout?

Do You Know These Signs Of Burnout?

The interesting thing about burnout is that it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere… it slowly and steadily builds up, which makes it harder to notice and mitigate.

Hear us out, spending a few extra seconds to take stock of your emotional, mental, and physical being can make all the difference, helping you feel more focused, energetic, and content!

Here are 2 ways to recognize AND combat your burnout, before it gets to you:


Although burnout is often associated with mental and emotional stress, it can manifest physically. You may be feeling extremely tired, experiencing a change in appetite, dealing with headaches, struggling to get enough sleep, and more. 

DON’T ignore any of these - notice that many of these symptoms can make you feel lethargic, making it harder to stay alert, excited, and at your best.

Solution Strategy: Try to incorporate physical movement into your daily routine. It can break up monotony and help you energize. You can level up by adding Mindright’s Brain Boost Coffee Enhancer to your morning cup of coffee - it’s naturally and specially formulated with ingredients like Lions mane, Cordyceps, and L-Theanine to boost your mood and focus. 


Check in with yourself consistently- one of the most common signs of burnout is feeling dejected, agitated, or pessimistic. This can lead to challenges reaching your professional potential, maintaining personal relationships, and all around staying on top of your goals. 

Solution Strategy: Learn what will help you reframe, when faced with one of these feelings whether it’s journaling, meditating, or even chatting with a friend. Avoiding these feelings will only exacerbate them, they won’t disappear unless acted upon! Our Mindright superfood snack bars are a great addition to any strategy, as they help foster a happier mind, using natural antioxidants, nootropics, and adaptogens!