How Your Gut Impacts Your Mood

How Your Gut Impacts Your Mood

Have you ever heard the expression “I got a gut feeling” or “he/she gave me butterflies”? We’ve known our gut holds our mood, but what we fail to realize is how we are in control of our mood through the foods we eat. 

Ultimately, all the foods we eat are broken down in the gut that eventually goes into our bloodstream and delivers nutrients to our bodies if it encounters good bacteria, or wards off infections and virus-causing bacterias. Good bacteria causes positive hormones that maintain mental wellbeing. 

The gut is central to..

  • Digestion
  • Immunity Support
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Physical Health 

When you fuel your body with the right foods and lifestyle, you maintain the serotonin production to your brain. When you fill your body with the wrong foods and lifestyle, you inadvertently send negative chemicals to your brain that can lead to increased anxiety, stress, poor mental clarity, and fatigue. 

How can you improve your gut health?

Lifestyle To Consider:

  1. Get more sleep! Your sleep is directly related to your gut health. When you don’t get enough sleep, you could struggle with poor gut health, digestive issues, or bloating. 
  2. Stop eating when you are 80% full. Have you ever heard the rule to chew 20 times before you swallow? Or, to avoid eating while watching TV? All these benchmarks and “rules” are outlined to help to concentrate on your eating and full-ness. It is often said, our bodies take 20-30 minutes to process, but we can feel “stuffed” immediately. The goal is to allow your body to feel full, not stuffed. 
  3. Drink more water! Not only does this help natural boost your energy and mental clarity, it also helps support your digestive function to break down foods 

Foods To Consider: 

  1. Avoid eating out when possible. Portion sizes at restaurants often lead to overeating that can have a negative effect on your digestive health (and eventually your mood and energy) 
  2. Curb the sweet tooth. Try our Mindright Chocolate Sea Salt Bar instead as a sweet-tooth alternative. Packed with nootropic infused, natural ingredients, your body will not just not have an adverse reaction – it will also help to BOOST your mood, energy, and focus 
  3. Fruits and Vegetables. Are you consuming enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day? Snack hack: Challenge yourself to include a green vegetable in your lunch and dinner every day 
The Bite Size Version:
Your gut health has a direct impact on your mood and cognitive function. To help boost your mood and mental clarity, fill your body with nutrient rich foods (like Mindright Bars) that maintain serotonin production which maintains a positive chemical to the brain. Avoid foods and lifestyles that cause the lining of the gut to be inflamed which sends negative chemicals to your brain. Get Mindright!