The Mindright Story

The Mindright Story

As entrepreneurs, founders Rob and Bernie were frustrated that there was nothing offered that would provide them with the energy and focus they needed for their busy lives without all the added sugar and processed ingredients in so much of our food today.  Their vision? A product that targeted the brain directly to increase your mood and provide vitality to help keep you going all day long.  Thus, Mindright good mood superfoods were born. With all natural ingredients, Mindright brings together a blend of nootropics, antioxidants and adaptogens to support you in whatever endeavors you are facing.  

We sat down with Bernie to find out how Mindright began, who the brand is for, why Mindright is different and what the future entails.  

What first gave you the idea to start Mindright?

Age old story, of a 25-year-old entrepreneur that blinked his eyes, turned 40 and became a dad of 4. From the outside, I was coming into my prime. On the inside I lacked focus and struggled with energy. There was tension building between the sacrifice required to build the businesses I dreamed of and being the husband and father I knew I wanted to be. I was lost and it made me question everything. I realized that I needed to get my mind right. I went into a black hole of researching brain function and mental health. I learned about and experimented with different diets, cleanses, you name it. The one thing that helped me the most was these nootropic superfoods. I was blown away by how proper nutrition and these crazy ingredients I’ve never heard of could impact my mental state. I thought a lot about how to share this with the world in a way that could easily be incorporated into people's everyday life. I didn’t want to recreate a supplement regimen or build a biohacking brand for gym rats. Mindright is the process of finding myself that I went through manifested into a food and beverage platform. 

Who did you create the Mindright brand for?

We created the Mindright brand for people like myself that are dedicated to growth and success in all areas of their life. They know their superpower is their mindset and we exist to fuel that mindset by elevating their mood, energy, and focus. We call people like us the happy hustlers; someone who works equally hard at finding success in all areas of their life. This includes their work, home life, and physical & mental wellbeing. For them, Mindright is a state of being that allows them to reach the greatest amount of happiness in their everyday lives. Mindright is for athletes, students, musicians, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, stay-at-home moms, desk jockeys, and anyone else pursuing their hustle.

What does Mindright succeed at where others in the same space have failed?

There is a lot of exciting innovation happening in the food space, but we aren’t overly concerned with where others have failed. At Mindright, we focus on one thing: inspiring our consumer and enhancing their everyday life beyond our products.

Mindright is about being the best version of yourself and we are building a platform of products to help support that. We are on a mission to create products with ultra-clean ingredients that perform as well as they taste. 

What is your ultimate vision for Mindright going forward?

On the product level, our vision for Mindright is a complete platform of nutritious food and beverage products that touch all areas of your day while supporting your mindset. 

On a brand level, the ultimate vision for Mindright is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. We want to build a community of people who believe what we believe and who elevate each other through the different ways they get their mind right. We want to talk about meditation, yoga, journaling, etc. It may sound crazy, but I really do want this brand to change people’s lives. That’s what fuels me every day. 

Getting Mindright is more than just a product, it’s a lifestyle.  Whether you are a high level athlete, a student, a stay at home mom or grinding at a desk from 9 to 5, Mindright is there to boost you to be your very best self. 

Are you ready to join us in our mission to get Mindright?