What You Need To Know About Lion’s Mane

What You Need To Know About Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a shaggy mushroom that closely resembles a lion’s mane. This nutrient-packed ingredient is part of the Nootropic family of superfoods that can help to increase emotional regulation and decrease anxiety, stress, and depression.

Outside of benefits to your mood, this rich superfood boosts cognitive function – memory, creativity, focus, and response time. 

Will this get me high?

Let’s take a look at the difference between Synthetic Nootropics and Natural Nootropics. Natural Nootropics include herbs, vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients that can be consumed in your diet (a.k.a our glorious Lion’s Mane). Synthetic Nootropics include artificial substances (not found in nature) that are created in a lab to help provide the same effects of cognitive stimulation, boost mood, and heighten energy. 

Synthetic nootropics, however, have a higher chance of adverse effects. 

Examples of Natural Nootropics:

  1. Coffee
  2. CBD
  3. Ashwagandha
  4. Lion’s Mane 
  5. L-Theanine 

The short version: Lion’s Mane will not get you high. As a natural nootropic, it is designed to clear away brain fog, not give you more of it! 

How can you consume Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s Mane can be consumed:

  • Raw 
  • Cooked (like any other mushroom)
  • Dried 
  • Steeped as a tea
  • Pills or Supplements
  • Brain Boost Mixes

It really depends on what your daily lifestyle looks like. Instead of trying to change the way you naturally consume foods (if you prefer to cook, mix our Brain Boost mix into your coffee, or take a pill), you need to do what feels best for you. As Bernie, founder of Mindright, was on his journey to include Nootropics into his daily life – he found it much easier to snack on food or mix in his coffee products that already contained the ingredient versus pop a pill or form a new habit. 

The Bite Size Version: 

Lion’s Mane is a nootropic infused superfood that is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that help support your mood, energy, and focus. Primarily, it helps to decrease anxiety, stress, and support cognitive thinking like creativity, mental clarity, and response time. Lion’s Mane will not get you ‘high’ and can be consumed through our Brain Boost Mixes. How are you getting your Mindright? 

Image: Deirdre Malfatto/Stocksy United