We believe mindset
is a superpower

We are on a mission to fuel your mindset with the power of nootropic-infused superfood designed to boost your mood, energy, and focus.

A burnt-out entrepreneur, struggling with stress, fatigue, and a lack of focus, Chris “Bernie” Bernard made a commitment to strengthening his mindset and mental state through diet, exercise, and the discovery of brain-boosting ingredients called nootropics and adaptogens. He worked with a food scientist to synergistically blend these ingredients into delicious food and beverage products.

Bernie brought the concept to like-minded entrepreneur and legendary TV personality Rob Dyrdek who loved the concept and the two set out to build a team of celebrity investors and advocates like the Jonas Brothers, Marcus Lemonis, Travis Barker, and many others to start the “Mindright” movement. We are now on a mission to build a platform that puts your mind first in a delicious and easy way to add to your daily routine.

We believe once you get Mindright, everything else follows.

Our Founders

Rob Dyrdek and Bernie