Protein bar with
a boost.

Delicious bars that elevate your gut
health, energy and mood.


Hundreds of five stars reviews

Happiness guranteed! 


What's inside?

11G of vegan protein



9G of prebiotic fiber


Chewy and soft texture

Helps your gut

We make all our bars with prebiotic fiber which supports natural gut health and the production of serotonin in the lining of our stomach.

Increases energy & mood

We include powerful ingredients like ashwaganda, ginseng, cordyceps and MCT oil which help to give you focused and sustained energy throughout the day!

Super tasty

We don't compromise on taste! Made with real fruit chunks, our bars are soft and chewy. You can't taste any of the protein! 
Variety Pack (6 bars in 3 flavors!)
Variety Pack (6 bars in 3 flavors!)
Variety Pack (6 bars in 3 flavors!)
Variety Pack (6 bars in 3 flavors!)
Get your mindright bars today!
Variety Pack (6 bars in 3 flavors!)
Our variety pack includes 6 bars in 3 flavors:
💙 Blueberry Almond (2 bars)
🥜 Peanut Butter Cup (2 bars)
🥥 Toasted Coconut (2 bars)

✔️ High in fiber (9g) and protein (11g)
✔️ low in sugar (7g).
✔️ 210 calories per bar
✔️ Ships anywhere within USA! Shipping rates are calculated at check out.

 Please see ingredients and nutrition facts in the second image!
Our best seller!

A delicious bar crafted with vegan protein, plant fiber, superherbs, and real fruit chunks to give you a feel-good boost!

"This is my go-to snack during the day. I've been on the search for a bar that was healthy and wasn't packed with that chalky whey protein taste.  I'm so happy I found mindright. I love the fruit chunks and how it gives me the right type of energy for the day" 

3 delicious flavors you can't resist.

Blueberry & Almond... with real juicy whole blueberries!
Toasted Coconut... with real chunks of crunchy coconut!
Peanut butter cup... with bits of smooth chocolate!

What's the buzz?

Featured in Tech Crunch, Forbes and GQ. mindright is the world's tastiest brain food and we're just gettting started! Watch out for some new drops coming soon...

People love mindright!

I really like these mindright bars, I have been eating them almost daily since I bought them. I'm considering getting a subscription, so that I can keep on getting my mindright.

Jeb. N

Our customer
Buy them! Buy them all! Get all the flavors because they are AMAZING! I honestly had little hope that my mood would balance and stabilize by eating a new bar but WOW was I surprised. These bars WORK! They taste great and have become a daily staple!

Cam. W

Our customer
Mindright bars are a perfect way to start your morning! They keep my tummy full and my energy high all day! I also have a lot of food allergies and where some bars say they are vegan or whatever I still will have issues digesting them. But I’ve been eating Mindright bars about 3 weeks now and not a single problem.


Probably one of the best bars I have had. Love the variety pack!

Jenny. G


Meet the founders.

Rob Dyrdek and fellow Do-or-dier Chris "Bernie" Bernard began a quest to build a platform of products that specifically support our feel good mood. 

Mindright combines delicious superfoods with ancient ingredients known to enhance mood, decrease stress, and sustain energy levels without messing with our much needed sleep. Our products are all natural, plant based, low in sugar, gluten free and formulated over and over and over and over to make sure taste came first.
- Rob & Bernie