Protein powder that elevates your mood, energy and gut health.

Experience a boost with this proprietary blend of adaptogenic-superfoods and nootropics.

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Our Protein Powder is made with clean, natural ingredients to reset and refuel your body and mind.

16g of Vegan 
Pea Protein



3g of Sugar


Clean, Natural 


Your daily routine for more mental recovery starts here.

Supports Mental Recovery

Feed your brain and body with this delicious full spectrum plant based protein loaded with superfoods and greens to help support your mood and energy

Increases energy & mood

We include powerful ingredients like ashwaganda, ginseng, lions mane,  cordyceps and MCT oil which help to give you focused and sustained energy throughout the day!

Super tasty

We don't compromise on taste! Made with real bananas and delicious peanut butter. You can't taste any of the protein!

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It’s not just a bar.

"It’s what comes with the bar—this mental health aspect, that’s something that really hit home"


The hottest nootropic company.

Celebs like Rob Dyrdek, Joe Jonas and Travis Barker are backing the nootropic nosh company, Mindright


Kourtney's go-to snack.

The perfect snack if you're looking into a more plant based diet. 

Meet the founders.

Rob Dyrdek and fellow Do-or-dier Chris "Bernie" Bernard began a quest to build a platform of products that specifically support our feel good mood. 

Mindright combines delicious superfoods with ancient ingredients known to enhance mood, decrease stress, and sustain energy levels without messing with our much needed sleep. Our products are all natural, plant based, low in sugar, gluten free and formulated over and over and over and over to make sure taste came first.
- Rob & Bernie