Nootropic Superfoods for a Healthy Mind

We believe what we eat doesn’t just affect our physical health, it also affects our mood and mental well-being.

Mindright is the first of its kind product that pairs natural brain-boosting nootropics into tasty snacks & powders to support a healthy mind.

Get Mindright, and everything else follows!

Superfood Protein Bars

Our functional snack bars not only taste great, they are packed with nootropic superfoods to support a healthy mind.

Superfood Popped Chips

The first of its kind snack to pair nootropic superfood mushrooms into tasty popped (not fried) chips to support a healthy mind.

Coffee Enhancer

Boost your coffee or smoothie with our antioxidant-rich nootropic superfood blend for a healthy mind.

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The superfood your brain needs.

☑️ Nootropic infused with minerals & antioxidant packed ingredients sourced from nature. 

☑️ Promotes gut health and supports mood, energy, & focus.

☑️ Complete Nutrition for a Healthy Mind. 

☑️ Build a deliciously healthy daily habit.

☑️ Clinically studied at recommended daily doses. 

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